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Side by side, WWF and IKEA have contributed to work on many projects that benefit people and planet.

Business can and must do more to address biodiversity loss and the climate crisis.

We want to share some stories where WWF and IKEA have been working with the aim to protect and improve management of forests and reduce illegal logging, accelerate climate action as well as improving livelihoods for cotton farmers and local communities.

For example; together with WWF and IKEA, Khanewal locals Ramzana Bibi, Sarfaraz Bati and Irum Shehzadi are helping their communities fight back, through pioneering climate-resilient cotton production and developing micro-enterprise.

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How rattan farmers in Borneo are saving the forest and orangutans


Today, only around half of Borneo’s original rainforest cover remains. Indigenous Dayak communities could hold the key to its survival, with traditional rattan production a lifeline for local people, the forest and wildlife. In Katingan District in Central Kalimantan, WWF and IKEA are working with these communities for people and planet.

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In-the-field collaboration for local empowerment and more sustainable production


Through in-the-field collaboration we are testing innovative methods for protecting entire landscapes around cotton farms. By expanding the scope based on our learnings and laying the foundation for more sustainable production we are enabling better access to finance, better access to markets, and a more stable livelihood for cotton farmers. At the same time we are improving supply chains and increasing the critical mass, accessibility, and quality of raw materials.

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Vietnamese smallholders help end deforestation


In the foothills of Vietnam’s Annamite mountains, hundreds of small forest owners are joining forces to produce sustainable acacia used in furniture around the world. With much of the country’s plantations owned by individuals, expanding the approach may be the best chance for saving forests in the Greater Mekong.

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Chainsaws & Tree Huggers in the Land of Fairy Tales


– how WWF and IKEA are marrying commerce and conservation in Maramureș, Romania, and helping protect some of Europe’s last remaining old growth forests.

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Our partnership

Transforming business for people and planet

WWF and IKEA have been working side by side for 20 years with the aim of transforming business for people and planet. Through engagement and projects within forests, cotton, freshwater and climate, the partnership is working to protect and enhance biodiversity by supporting a transition towards more sustainable business practices.


WWF and IKEA work together to preserve and enhance biodiversity by strengthening national forest policies and legislation and governance structures, as well as improving forest management practices. We work to empower smallholders and indigenous communities exercising forest stewardship and conserving ecosystem services to receive increased benefits and sustainable livelihoods. Together we have directly supported FSC certification of more than 36 million hectares, an area larger than Germany.

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WWF and IKEA aim to diligently restore biodiversity in cotton growing regions through the Nature Based Solutions concept in Pakistan and India. ​We will continue to map biodiversity in these cotton landscapes providing the basis for community-based agro-biodiversity conservation work. Some of our results are: 21% overall reduction in GHG emissions per, 100,000 plants integrated in cropping system through block and linear plantation layout and 4,00,000 tree plantations to control soil erosion and retain soil moisture and carbon.

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WWF and IKEA work together with the aim of enhancing the health of rivers, as healthy rivers are fundamental to sustaining biodiversity and the flora and fauna in the basins. IKEA joined WWF’s Collective Action Water Stewardship Programs in India and Turkey in 2018 which has laid out a pathway to improve river health and biodiversity in Noyyal-Bhavani Basin, India and in Buyuk Menderes Basin, Turkey.

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Through our partnership, WWF and IKEA take action towards a net-zero world and work to inspire other businesses to follow as well as put pressure on governments to set ambitious policies that favour climate-resilient, low-carbon development, energy efficiency, and clean renewable energy for all. WWF and IKEA are working together on establishing a global framework for climate leadership called Beyond-Net-Zero.

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