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WWF and IKEA are committed to making responsible forest management the norm across the forest sector.

By managing and protecting forests, tackling threats such as forest degradation, supporting laws that combat illegal trade in timber, our aim is to ensure forests and the people that depend on them, have a healthy future.

Starting with five forest projects in 2002, we now have nine joint projects in fifteen different countries. These have helped improve forest management in Europe and Asia, and contributed to the certification of around 35 million hectares of responsibly managed forest.

Many challenges remain but together, WWF and IKEA are demonstrating how forest stewardship is good for forests, livelihoods and business.

Find out more here: Forest-MEL-Case-Study-WWF-IKEA

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  1. Responsible forest management for sustainable development in Central and Eastern Europe: Forest-Factsheet-CEEurope-WWF-IKEA
  2. Greater Mekong: resilient supply chains, communities and forest landscapes: Forest-Factsheet-GreaterMekong-WWF-IKEA
  3. Responsible forestry, resilience and restoration in China:
  4. Securing thriving landscapes and supporting sourcing in Borneo: Forest-Factsheet-Indonesia-WWF-IKEA

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