From better cotton fields to market transformation


Soft and strong, versatile and affordable, cotton is one of the world’s most popular textile fibres. You’re probably wearing some right now.

Yet conventional cotton production often comes at a high price for people and planet.

Many cotton farmers struggle to make a profit. Poor working conditions, child labour, soil erosion, intensive use of water, chemical pesticides and fertilisers, and associated health hazards, are all common problems.

Since 2005, WWF and IKEA have sought to address these challenges by developing and promoting better practice through joint cotton projects in India and Pakistan.

Our aim is to make more sustainable cotton a mainstream commodity and transform the global cotton market.

This briefing tells the story of our journey together into cotton sustainability. We hope that it will inspire you to join us.

Enjoy reading about our cotton journey!

Marcus Albers
Corporate Relations Manager WWF Sweden

Jeanette Ulfshög Martinie
Sustainability Policy & Engagement Manager Group Inter IKEA group, IKEA of Sweden


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